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Grieve With Hope Retreat


2025 Date To Be Announced


Cornerstone of Hope, Cleveland
5905 Brecksville Road
Independence, Ohio 44131

A weekend retreat for adults who have lost a loved one. Join us for the Grieve With Hope Retreat. 

A weekend retreat for adults who have lost a loved one. Join us for the Grieve With Hope (previously known as Pain to Purpose) Retreat.
If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, you understand all too well how debilitating grief can be. Yet, it is in those darkest moments when we may actually ask questions we never might have needed to ask before…What is this life all about? Where am I going when this life is through? How can I see my loved one again? Join us for our Annual Grieve with Hope weekend (formerly Pain to Purpose) where we intentionally encounter the journey of suffering together through the risen Christ as we grieve with hope.

“After the death of my son I came to a point where I knew I couldn’t do this thing called ‘suffering’ alone. I could not depend on myself to get through this horrific pain of loss. It humbled me to know, I need God to help me do this! I asked all those questions–what is this life all about, what am I here for, where is my son and where will I go after all of this? I needed answers! If you too want to grow in faith and hope please join us for a weekend to rest in the spirit and find fellowship with others suffering.”


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